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I have an accountability partner!

It has been a long search. I’ve been picky. But it’s been worth it—I’ve had an accountability partner for less than a week, and my focus and productivity have skyrocketed!

Why I didn’t need an accountability partner.

  • I listen to podcasts, read blogs, and watch videos—I’ve already learned enough to be relatively successful in business.
  • I’m an introvert; I enjoy working alone.
  • I’m an INTJ (Architect), according to Myers-Briggs. That means I’m good at planning and achieving. I’ve got this.
  • When it comes to meeting expectations, I’m a Questioner. I love analyzing systems and efficiency, and I love to solve problems.

Why I now need an accountability partner.

  • Despite all my education, I’m not successful (yet!). I believe the missing ingredient is connection. Not just networking with an eye for a sale, but developing mutually¬†beneficial¬†relationships. We’re all in this together—why not enjoy the journey together?
  • Strengths have a flip side. Yes, I’m good at planning and achieving, but I also suffer from analysis paralysis. I research, but don’t come to conclusions. I create, but tweak ad infinitum.
  • I’m human! I procrastinate. I get distracted. I put off investing in deep work by seeking a quick fix in Facebook.

How I found my partner.

I searched for an accountability partner in a variety of groups, both free and paid (Fizzle, Puttytribe, various Facebook groups). I connected with one partner through one of these groups, but after the first week, I never heard from her again.

It was through the Creative Yarn Entrepreneurs group on Facebook that I found Magda. I had been visiting (stalking?) the group to see if I naturally connected with anyone. Then Magda posted, looking for an accountability partner. Try me, try me! We met on Skype, and agreed this partnership is a go. She’s in the knitting world; I’m in crochet (compatible without competing). She’s a little further ahead in her business, and I look forward to learning from her experience; I hope I can still help her.

How she’s already changed my life.

  • She introduced me to Trello! Now I can organize my life (as long as I’m not distracted by all the features and spend all my time organizing instead of accomplishing!).
  • She forces me to make decisions. She says I must share three goals in Trello. This means actually putting them in black and white. I need this.
  • The whole process makes me take a step back and determine the direction of my business. What are the bigger goals that I’m working toward? Are this week’s goals in alignment with that direction? Are these the most important steps I should be taking this week?

Since one of my goals this week is to publish a blog post, I’m looking forward to talking to Magda on Friday!

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