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App Market Android

A stable economy is essential for the lives we live. It usually translates to better lives for the people. However, just like everything else, an economy’s success is dependent on the people affected by it. And the people interact with this economy through a stock market. In essence, stock markets are the lifeblood of economies.

A stock market needs to keep changing and evolving with time adapting to the world around it to be good for both the economy and the people. The original stock markets began with a few men sitting under a tree and calling out the prices of various organizations of the time.

The stock market, however, has come a long way since then. Modern stock markets utilize and leverage the latest technology that they can avail. Stock market apps constitute a branch of technology used by stock markets. Various companies, especially stock brokerages communicate with their users via their stock market apps. In this blog, we will list out the 9 best stock market apps that you can use for your investments and trading needs.

There are roughly two kinds of stock market apps. The first type of stock market app allows you to trade and invest in stocks through the convenience of an app. Essentially, these are complete stock trading apps. The second kind of stock market apps are those which are used to look at news about the stock market. The second kind of stock market apps are suited for individuals who still prefer using a full computer for their stock trading. You will be surprised to know that you can actually create both kinds of stock apps with our no-code app building software – Appy Pie AppMakr.

Best Stock Market Apps for Investing and Trading

The apps given below are very versatile. They are complete stock market app solutions for all your investment and trading needs. Let us explore all of them in detail.

  1. TD Ameritrade
  2. TD Ameritrade is hands down, the best stock market app. It’s versatile, easy-to-use, and the top choice for casual investors. If you’re someone looking to invest in the stock market casually, look no farther than TD Ameritrade.
    TD Ameritrade mobile app allows you to trade stocks, ETF, etc. It can also be used to explore stock charts and indicators, set up alerts, access various market news, etc. TD Ameritrade mobile is well-suited for someone who is new to the stock market.

  3. Thinkorswim(Owned by TD Ameritrade)
  4. Thinkorswim is another app owned by Ameritrade. It does everything that TD Ameritrade does, but it has a twist. Thinkorswim is more detailed than TD. It is also, overall a better product and is especially helpful for the people involved with option trading. Infact, it is hands down the best trading app on the market.
    Thinkorswim is essentially a more advanced TD Ameritrade and should be treated as such. It even allows you to create your own stock charts based on the parameters you want to observe.

  5. Fidelity
  6. Fidelity is a simpler stock trading app. It is a more traditional app with the brand essentially acting as a stockbroker for your portfolio. With Fidelity you can begin investing and creating a detailed portfolio for your stocks.
    One of the best features of Fidelity is the fact that you can use it pretty much on any mobile device down to the Apple Watch. Fidelity is excellently optimized for both beginner and veteran investors. All in all, a great option for all kinds.

  7. Tastyworks
  8. Tastyworks has been founded by the erstwhile owner of thinkorswim. Tastyworks is an alternative for the same and is one of the market leaders when it comes to options trading. Infact, more than 90% of its customer base involves option traders.
    It isn’t the most intuitive app, but once you get used to it, it can be very easy-to-use. Tastyworks’ true strength lies in its charting system which can be surprisingly powerful and is aimed at making your trades safer and more profitable. Another advantage of using Tastyworks is its surprisingly low fees for its traders.

  9. WeBull
  10. WeBull is another strong option for simple stock trading. It’s not as robust as the others mentioned in the list, but it is a solid option for stock trading and ETFs.
    The best part is that Webull is a zero-fee investing option meaning that you can start investing at literally no cost. It’s not perfect in any way. Webull’s greatest drawbacks are its poor customer support, and a limited options of stocks to buy from.

  11. E-Trade
  12. E-Trade has consistently been rated among the top stock market platforms across the US. It’s no surprise that its app also makes it to our list. ETrade is the best app to buy stocks with if you’re trying to invest in the United States. Etrade is free to use and has a simple form-filling process for its user base.
    It is a very simple way to start investing. It’s mobile app is often lauded for seamlessly bringing every process from the website to the app. E-trade is both for the beginners and veterans. The only trade off with this software is a lack of support for international trading or international data.

Best Stock Apps for Stock Market News and Updates

The one drawback that all the best stock market investment and trading apps have is that they are geared towards the investment aspect. They are less focused on changes that are happening across the stock market. Keeping that in mind, here’s a list of the best stock tracking apps that you can use to get the latest news for your concerned stock markets.

  1. CNBC Breaking Business News
  2. An easy to use app that gives you the latest possible updates for your stock market news. The CNBC app even gives you international stock market news which makes it a great option for those involved in international trading. The tool can be used to find out real-time stock quotes and view interactive stock charts for more information.

  3. ET Markets
  4. ET Markets is similar to CNBC Breaking Business News and can be used as an alternative for the same.

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  5. Feedly
  6. Feedly is not exactly a stock market app by default. However, Feedly might be a very versatile option for a stock market trader/investor. With Feedly, you can organize and filter the stock market news you need from multiple stock market news websites.
    Feedly brings all your information into one place. It acts similar to our workflow automation software Appy Pie Connect. Appy Pie Connect lets you integrate over 1000 popular software under one interface making it easier for you to automate tasks and organize your work. Feedly, on the other hand, organizes all the stock market news under one interface making it easier for you to find the news that is relevant to you.

Before we end this blog, there is one last thing to discuss. The one drawback to all the stock market apps mentioned in this list is the lack of an app to maintain your portfolio. Well, not to worry. Check out Appy Pie AppMakr’s Portfolio App Builder. With Appy Pie AppMakr, you can create your personal portfolio app. With this app, you can maintain your accounts, calculate your profits and losses, check on your investments and organize all your investment portfolio into an app.

If you’re thinking that it is difficult to create an app, we have news for you. Appy Pie AppMakr is a completely codeless interface, meaning that you can create a new app within a few simple clicks. Check out Appy Pie AppMakr and make a portfolio app for yourself today!

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App Market App

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