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The benevolent crochet empress

I took some time off from empire-building to participate in a local theater production of “Steel Magnolias.” (I got to play Ouiser Boudreaux—one of the highlights of my life! But I digress.)

I decided my character did not like to sit still. She liked to crochet! So with the director’s approval, I crocheted on-stage, in character.

I also crocheted different totes for each of my scenes. The photo above shows the one I coordinated with my outfit. I offered the totes to my castmates after the show, and they snatched them right up.

I also crocheted a baby afghan for our director who is expecting a girl. The colors are blush and bashful, and the design has a magnolia in the corner and is framed in baby’s breath (all nods to the show).

But maybe this is part of empire-building, too. If other emperors/empresses had shared their love and talent with others, the world would be a much nice place.