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Book Review: Make Money Teaching Crochet

A great way to grow as a business owner and crocheter is to read good books. I had the opportunity to read Make Money Teaching Crochet: Launch Your Business, Increase Your Side Income, Reach More Students by Marie Segares.

I first met Marie through her podcast, Creative Yarn Entrepreneur. She came across as so practical, knowledgeable, and thorough—the shows were jam-packed with good information, and she seemed friendly and down-to-earth. When I finally took the step to create a legitimate crochet business, I was able to join her Facebook group, Creative Yarn Entrepreneurs. I feel like I’m in the big leagues now!

When she offered her book in exchange for an honest review, I jumped on the opportunity. I like reading, learning, and editing…and crochet! I had taught a handful of crochet classes and was curious about her experience.

It took me a while to read because it’s a workbook, and I wanted the entire experience. She asks thought-provoking questions that I wanted to ponder. However, I found the book so inspiring and motivating that after the first couple of chapters, I plowed right through it to get all the nuggets and will go back to complete the worksheets.

So here’s my review:

I highly recommend Making Money Teaching Crochet. The book is conversational, practical, and comprehensive.

Marie’s writing style feels like she’s talking directly to me. She asks questions, makes humorous points, and seems genuinely interested in my success. The writing is concise, yet jam-packed with solid information, ideas, and strategies.

Organized as a workbook, Making Money Teaching Crochet is loaded with questions, guides, and templates. I found myself eager to keep reading and glad there were worksheets to go back and work through later.

The amount of information packed into this book is incredible. Marie covers everything from setting up a business to social media marketing, from defining your target audience to personal hygiene in the classroom. Her “Cro-Pro Tips” are phenomenal, from developing a cancelation policy to suggestions for yarn and hook colors for demonstrations. She covers not only practical steps and checklists but also advice on soft skills needed for successful teaching.

Having taught a handful of crochet classes, I was able to concur with many points in the book. “In some class settings, students frequently come unprepared.” Yes, that’s my experience, too! This lends to her credibility—I believe everything else she writes is probably true, too.

The book has challenged and inspired me, not only in teaching crochet classes, but also in my general crochet business. Many of her points—such as identifying the who, what, when, where, why, and how of my venture—have universal applications. I feel a step ahead of the game, being able to take advantage of her experience. The book not only helps me establish a foundation for building a business, it also provides all the tools needed for success.

This book gives me the boost I need to work through my resistance in reaching my goals (see last post), I can’t emphasize enough—it’s so practical and comprehensive!

You can find the book here (Workbook Edition): https://www.amazon.com/Make-Money-Teaching-Crochet-Business/dp/0990683419/

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