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Building an empire is not a linear affair

Quick post here, because:

  • I’m committed to writing.
  • I’m trying to overcome my perfectionism (so I won’t be agonizing over this one).
  • I’ve got other things to do.

With Christmas approaching, I have plenty of personal crocheting to do. I always make handmade gifts for my kids—and this year, that’s all they’re getting. So they have to be extra special.

My accountability partner will not let me make excuses! She encourages (insists) I work on my business every week. But the business is not the boss of me! It’s true, I need a plan, and sometimes I while away time rather than work on my empire. But if I want to take a couple of weeks off, that’s my right. There may be consequences, but that’s true for every decision. Instead of fretting, I’m deciding. My empire won’t crumble if I take a couple of weeks off (and I’ll still be crocheting, so perhaps it’s an investment in my education and skill development. Yes, that’s how I’ll look at it!).

My guest blogging experiment frustrated me. I was spending more time creating free patterns for the blogger than I was for my own shop. I was honest with her, we had a great conversation, and she proposed a new model that I’m pleased with. It’ll help me start the new year with some new energy.

So that’s where I am, here nearing the end of my first year of crochet empire-building. Merry Christmas!


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