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Off to a craft fair, jiggety jig

Craft fair tomorrow! I have been busy preparing for six months. Ok, I have been registered for six months, and I’ve been busy preparing for a week!

This is only my second craft fair. I only sold three hats on my previous fair adventure. So why am I trying again?

I get feedback on my products.

When I put myself and my work out there, I have the opportunity to interact with potential customers. What are they buying? What are they looking at? The challenge is finding out why some people stop and DON’T buy. How do I get that information? I’d feel odd flagging them down and asking, “Why didn’t you buy anything?” Yet I need the feedback. I’ll be looking for ways to get that tomorrow.

I become known in the community.

I get my name out there. People will see me as a talented part of the community (I hope), and perhaps as a resource. This will particularly benefit me when I schedule crochet classes. “Oh, yeah,” they’ll think. “I met her at the craft fair. She knows her stuff!”

Besides, this is a local event put on by the local woman’s club. It helps the community, and I meet people I don’t cross paths with in my other spheres.

It’s better timing than in spring.

Christmas is coming, so people are looking for gifts. And there’s already snow on the ground here, we broke a new low-temperature record last night, and I sell hats. I hope hats fly tomorrow!

I’ve already made an investment.

I spent a fair (pun intended) amount of time and money on my display last spring, and I want it to count for something! I wanted a professional presentation and a shopping experience that made the customer feel important. That meant investing in items to better display my hats, purchasing bags, buying a credit card reader, etc. It is too soon to give up on recouping that money!

I don’t have a lot of wisdom and experience when it comes to craft fairs, but isn’t this why I share my journey here? I’ll let you know how it goes!