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Five reasons you should start your crochet business as a side hustle

I am inspired, motivated, and energized to grow my crochet empire. I’ve listened to podcasts, read blogs, and googled the hours away to plan and prepare. I’m ready to go. But I’ve decided to start small and begin this business as a side hustle rather than a main source of income for five reasons:

1. It reduces the pressure of having to make money.

I began a website business a couple of years ago. I enjoyed the work and made a little money but struggled to gain traction. The pressure of having to make money with my business did not motivate me—it actually depleted and overwhelmed me. The pressure to make the best decisions paralyzed me.

Pressure also takes the joy out of pursuits. It’s a lot more fun to crochet when it’s not Mother’s Day/baby shower/Christmas tomorrow. If I don’t have to rely on the income from my crochet business, I can relax and take the time and steps necessary to build what I want.

2. It gives me an opportunity pursue excellence (as a recovering perfectionist).

I want things done right, and there are a lot of things to get right when it comes to building a business: Product, supplies, website, social media, marketing, multiple income streams, etc. I don’t want to quickly throw things out there and hope they’ll stick. I want a professional face to my business. When it’s a side hustle, I can take the time necessary to do it well. Or to redo it, or try a different direction. I can experiment and reiterate until I’m satisfied.

3. It provides another income stream.

I don’t have all my eggs in one basket, and there’s security in that. I am a single mom, so having a variety of ways to make money provides security.

4. It works with my personality.

I am a multipotentialite; I have a wide variety of interests and talents. It is impossible for me to narrow my career down to that one thing. So I do multiple things, including crochet. That works for me.

5. It gives my free time a purpose.

Working on my crochet business feels more like fun than work. It’s more rewarding to work on my business than to play on my phone or scroll through Facebook. I can still take all the time I want for family and other pursuits, and at the end of the day, I am much more content than if I’d wasted time on mindless pursuits. (I have decided Ruzzle is not mindless.)


This side-hustle mindset gives me the freedom to write this blog. It takes time to write. I don’t know if anyone will ever read it. But I enjoy the process, it helps develop my writing skills, and maybe one day it will help position me as an authority in the field. You know, confirm that I am indeed a crochet empress.

P.S. I highly recommend the Side Hustle School podcast with Chris Guillebeau. It’s practical and inspiring.

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