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Respect the empress

“Crochet crap has taken over the house!” my son exclaimed. Display tables filled the living room in preparation for a craft show. Works in progress cluttered every horizontal surface in the house.

“Someday,” I replied, “you’ll wish you’d been more respectful to the future crochet empress.”

That was the first time the idea swirling in my mind expressed itself. And words have power. I am building a crochet empire. 

Until this time, I’d been playing with the idea of a crochet business. I was keeping my cards close, hedging my bets, unsure of the wisdom of this venture. But I wondered, at the end of my life, will I regret not trying? Will I wish I had pursued my dreams? My crazy dreams?

Yes. I am on a journey to building a crochet business. Join me on this adventure?


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