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The Craft Fair Aftermath

The Craft Fair is over. I sold eight hats. There are a number of ways I can look at this:

The Optimist

  • I sold eight hats! That’s almost three times as many hats as I sold last spring!
  • Look at my happy customer (above)!
  • My display looked great!

The Pessimist

I sold eight hats. That’s 10% of my inventory. I didn’t even recover all my material costs. What do I do with all these hats?

The Analyst

  • People loved the hats. They couldn’t resist touching them.
  • Potential customers asked for more hats in child and adult sizes.
  • Someone told me what a brilliant idea it was to make hats out of blanket yarn. I may be on to something. Until, of course, someone else copies me.

The Opportunist

One lady said my hats would be perfect for chemo patients and that I should contact the gift shop at the hospital. Thanks for the lead!
Follow up: The gift shop manager loved my hats, but the shop does not sell on consignment. She offered to pay for materials if I’d donate the hats. Maybe someday, but right now I’m in the needing-income stage. The manager understood completely. She loved the hats, though. So I know there’s a market for them.

The Marketing Manager

There are many possible reasons why my show wasn’t as successful as I’d hoped:

  • I did not have enough variety in sizes.
  • This area is not economically prosperous; perhaps many people are looking for cheap. I value my┬átime too much.
  • Many of the visitors were retirees. I should have more hats suited to them.
  • Who is my target market? Anyone who needs a hat. Should I have a more specific niche? Or offer an even broader selection?
  • Is there a venue that would serve me better? Perhaps closer to Green Bay?

The Perseverer

I am not giving up. I will take action on what I’ve learned. Yes, I’m disappointed—but I’m also having too much fun to stop now!