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TORRENT File as per Bit Torrent file distribution system is a computer file containing useful metadata about the files and important folders to need to be distributed, and usually, this file contains a list of the trackers network locations, which are nothing but computers itself that help the participants to find each other in a system and make a highly-efficient distribution system called swarms.

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A torrent file is distributed without the content, perhaps it contains only the valuable information about the file that contains your data like name of the files, size of the file, type of folder your file is stored in, and cryptographic hash values in order to verify the integrity of the file. Whether you want a torrent file or a referenced file depends on your interest in storing that data r the file.


Torrent files are saved with the extension name .torrent.

File structure of a Torrent File

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A torrent file is a binary file formatted for specific reasons. This file always contains Meta data and a list of files containing information about all the pieces. This type of files sometimes contains the data of trackers list.

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Torrent download for mac os. A Torrent file is created when any user wants to share a file or a folder.