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Vpn For Pc Windows 10


Aug 11, 2020.

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Do you want to access Netflix, BBC iPlayer, Hulu and many more country-specific apps and website? In that case, you need a reliable Virtual Private Network Service such as VPN 360.

With this VPN app, you can access these websites and apps. This is also very important for the people who love to travel abroad and wanted to use the same platform they are using from their respective homes.

VPN 360 is very essential because your network will be protected whenever you are connected to it. You can prevent yourself from getting hacked because this app will encrypt the connection between you and the website you are accessing.

Whenever you use it, the following that we provided were not the only benefits of this application. The other benefits of this VPN apps are to hide your IP address from outside network. That’s why you can access a country-specific blocked website.

It is also beneficial for people who love to use facebook, youtube or any other social networking app without anyone knowing that you are surfing from these websites. With this feature, you can expect your connection to be anonymous and secured, giving you complete privacy online.

This VPN app will also let you ignore strict firewall rules from their switch or routers. Allowing you to enjoy accessing websites that you wanted.

Since VPN 360 have a lot of advantages and benefits, most of you wanted to use it on a computer. But the problem is, no version was released for the Windows and Mac OS. But there’s a trick that will let you run VPN 360 for PC so continue reading this whole article.

How To Use VPN 360 App On PC

If you are one of the people who are looking for a way to install and use the VPN 360 app, then you must follow our simple guidelines that you can see below. Make sure that your computer has enough resources such as free disk space and RAM.

To get this app working, we are going to use a tool for emulating the Android Operating System like BlueStacks. With this software, you can almost download and run all games and apps on your computer as long as it is based on Android. This means that you can also use the VPN 360 on PC using this tool.

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Steps To Download And Install VPN 360 For PC

First, make sure that you have an internet connection and then go to the website of BlueStacks emulator. This is required for running VPN 360 app so this is the only choice for now.

The second step is to download and then install it to your computer or laptop. Make sure that you download the installer for the Operating System that you are using, for example, if you are using Windows OS, then get the Windows version, else, Mac version.

The third step is to accept all of its terms and condition and then click next to continue the installation of BlueStacks emulator for your PC.

The fourth step is to enter your Google account ID from the PlayStore since you need it in order to install VPN 360 on your PC. Wait for the set up to finished and when it does you can proceed to the next step.

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Next, you need to download the app that you wanted to install, use the search function and then look for the VPN 360 using the search function. You can click the install button after you found it.

Installing this will finally allow you to run VPN 360 app on PC. So go ahead and open the app after the installation. This is the most simple way of installing this app on your computer but if you want to use an alternative way of installing VPN 360, you skip the PlayStore activation.

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Installing VPN 360 App Using The APK Installer

If you don’t like to provide your Gmail ID, that is also fine. So, the first thing you need to do is to get the installer file and look for Google.

Run the BlueStacks emulator and hover your mouse to the triple-dot located at the upper left side of the emulator. Now click install apk so that you can add the APK of VPN 360 that you have downloaded recently.

This will start the BlueStacks to run this application and finally start using the VPN app on your PC. However, this method has a small drawback. The APK file does not automatically update itself so to get the latest version, you need to download it again.

Installation Of VPN 360 App With Nox Emulator

If you wish to try a different emulator, you can also check NoxPlayer for running Android-based software. To make the VPN 360 works on your computer, follow the installation procedure below:

Free Vpn For Windows 10

  • Download the NoxPlayer from its website which you can access from here. That link will direct you to its one and only official website.
  • Run the setup file of NoxPlayer and configure it.
  • Wait until the set up completed and then enter your account of Google.
  • Open PlayStore and search for the VPN 360 app.
  • Install and wait for it.
  • Go back to Home and then click the icon of VPN 360. Now you can enjoy using this app on your PC.

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VPN 360 is beneficial and one of the best apps that you can use for free. They also offer a premium version that will provide you a faster connection and more option for choosing a server location. Thanks for the emulator without it, we cannot run the VPN 360 for PC.

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4.5/5(4votes )

VPN Melon for PC makes you anonymous from the internet. This VPN is one of the best and fastest that you can download. Basically, if you have this, you can unblock websites from any part of the world. This software also gives you unlimited access whenever you are browsing the content or website.


If you are inside a restricted country, company, or government, using VPN Melon will allow you to connect even with their restriction. Basically, you can bypass its restriction.

However, like most VPN software, this application is not totally free. Although, there’s a free version of this software, expect it to have ads on it so the developers can earn a little while also giving you a basic protection that usually enough for your needs.

If you think that the ads of VPN Melon are starting to annoy you, then consider getting the paid version. In this way, you can support the developers. You will also get the full benefits of this VPN software such as a very fast connection. Also, you’ll be able to install the most recent version that will surely benefit you more.

How Do VPN Melon For PC Protects Your Privacy?

To protect the invasion of your privacy, the number one choice is to use a VPN. But what is a VPN? It means Virtual Private Network. The function of this software is to encrypt all the data and change the origin of the IP address. Every activity that you make on the internet is protected. That means if you use it, you have more privacy, more security, and more website access. It gives you powerful protection of privacy!

How Can You Install VPN Melon To Your Computer?

This question is probably the one that you wanted to know. So in this article, we are going to discuss the method and ways to install VPN Melon for the computer. Whether you are using a Windows Operating System or Mac PC, we are going to tell you on how to do this.

In order to install VPN Melon, first, you need to have an android emulator. In this case, we are going to use BlueStacks. But before that, make sure that you have a good PC or laptop.

BlueStacks or even other android emulator was designed to run for high-powered PC. Also, the most recommended version for this is Windows 10 and Mac.

With Android emulator installed on your computer, you can start to install almost any apk and android apps with ease.

Vpn free download for windows 10

Installing VPN Melon For Windows PC Or Mac

Many of you will ask on how to install VPN Melon in your computer or laptop. However, there’s no installer available for Windows and Mac. The developers haven’t made its version for Windows and Mac. But, there’s a trick and workaround to run VPN Melon for Windows PC.

If you haven’t installed BlueStacks emulator on your PC, it is best to do this now in order to proceed to the next step. To download and install it, check our article and guide for this that you can check in this link. If you want to get it on the official site, that is also fine, just go and type

After the installation, run the BlueStacks on your PC. Keep in mind that if you have a slow computer, it will take time to load and run this emulator. In case BlueStacks is ready, click the PlayStore icon and from here, enter your account in Gmail. By the way, if you haven’t created an email from google, you can create one easily.

Next, you can now search for Melon VPN. Simply type it inside the search bar. Click it and select install. Now, wait a bit until the installation finished. After that, you can now start running this awesome and cool VPN app in your PC.

For now, the only way to install and run it is by using an android emulator. Keep on watching this article because we will update it if the developers of Melon VPN has released an installer version for Windows or Mac.

Also, BlueStacks is not the only good emulator for android. You can also try Nox emulator which you can find in here instead. The installation procedure is almost the same in BlueStacks.

Vpn For Pc Windows 10 With Crack

Also, try checking this alternative VPN for PC

Turbo Vpn For Pc Windows 10


VPN Melon for PC is one of the most popular and best VPN programs that offer to lift the restriction of websites and gives you unlimited access. Even though it is only working for android smartphones, we have provided the information above so that you can run this application thru your Windows or Mac computer.

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